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Ordering your own custom wrap or scarf
Ordering custom items

After choosing from the website a design you like, please contact me by telephone or e-mail for an exact price. The price will vary according to the size of the finished piece, the complexity of the design, and the cost of materials. The following list provides approximations only; always check with me to be sure.

Average pricing (for garments without beading)

Eternity Rings, 6-8” wide and 32-35” long: $30-$45
Scarves, 6-8” wide and 58-62” long: $65-$100
Large scarves which double as light wraps, 11-13” wide and 68-72” long, $125-$200
Wraps, 15-20” wide and 72-78” long, $220-$350


Once we agree on a price, please send me ½ of the total cost as a non-refundable deposit. This will cover the cost of materials and partially compensate me for my time should you decide not to take delivery on the finished item. As soon as your check clears, I will order the yarn and begin your project. Once your garment is done, I will notify you immediately and send it to you as soon as I have your final payment.

Sample swatches

If you are ordering a large scarf or wrap and would like a sample of the design made in the fiber and color you have chosen, please send a check for $40 to cover the cost of yarn and postage. This deposit is non-refundable. However, if you choose to order the garment, the $40 will be deducted from the ½ price deposit for the completed garment.

Completion time

When you place your order, we will agree on a completion time. This varies, depending on availability of yarn and the amount of time I estimate your finished garment will take. As long as the yarn is in stock with the supplier, I can usually complete a scarf in 3 weeks, a wrap in 6. If I fail to complete your garment by the agreed-upon date, you may cancel the order and I will refund your ½ price deposit.